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I live in Massachusetts in the USA. I encourage you to offer suggestions on my photos or technique. I joined this project to improve my skills.

I love the supportive environment here at 365. There are lots of creative ideas and fun themes and challenges. I'm enjoying this site more that I enjoy my local camera club.

Regarding my screen name, I don't have any special affinity toward frogs. When I decided to join, I wasn't sure what I was getting into, so I decided to obscure my identity a bit. I had this nice photo of a frog for a profile picture. I took the name from an arcade game from the 80s. Now, I am much more comfortable here. Feel free to call me Tim.

In year 1, my goal was to use my camera every day. I wanted to become more familiar with my camera, and I achieved that goal. There were a few days that I substituted an editing project, a couple that I was too busy with other stuff, and one day that I just forgot. By the end of the year, it was getting to be a chore to come up with an idea, execute the idea, edit and post every day. I was glad to be done. My rules also led me to make some irrational decisions. It might have been convenient to do two photo shoots on one day, but I would put off the second because I already had a photo for that day. Also, I often had several good shots from one session, but I restricted myself to posting just one shot from each day's effort.

For year 2, I am taking a more relaxed approach. I still intend to post something every day, but I might use several photos from one shoot and post them over several days.

Year 3. I might get even more relaxed this year. During the waning weeks of year 2, I often found myself falling behind, with my most recent post being several days in the past. I might try lifting the restriction on filling my calendar.

I love the get-pushed challenge. I've learned so many new techniques from the challenges that my partners have given me. Keep pushing.

Year 4. I stopped posting for about the last quarter of year 3. I felt that I had run out of things to photograph. I decided to make a New Year's resolution to return to my photography. At least to start the year, I am going to concentrate on some exercises that result in a series of photographs with some sort of theme. That way I don't need a new idea every day. I'll give my theme a tag. You can join in if you like. It won't be a competition.

These are my photos that made it to the popular page. I added this link mostly so I can remember them.