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2023 Update coming...(wow! I've been here a while!)

2017 Update. I've now completed two years of 365, with only a few "misses" here and there when things just became too busy. I enjoy seeing all the photos from all around the world and having the opportunity to converse with folks from all over about our shared topic of photography.

I still take photos of things around me here in Alabama, USA, where we live "in the country". I like taking photos of "things". But I have been challenged this year to "tell stories"! So that will be my goal, to tell stories of things but also of "people" (which was the real challenge!).

I so appreciate everyone's comments and critique! It keeps me growing and enjoying this gift God has given me of photography! Thank you all very much!
My first photo was in October, 2014 (I thought I began earlier)

PS I've updated my Profile photo as well. My son grabbed the camera and aimed it back at me. It took some processing, but this is me!

I've been very blessed to make the Popular Page for several of my photos. See them at this link: