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This is yet another run at 365 Project. I've had several. The first was interrupted by my full-time work and full-time pursuit of a degree.

My second attempt was cut short by my basic nature, succumbing to entropy, inertia and sloth (sounds like a law firm, doesn't it?).

The third go round was a combination of moving from Ohio to Virginia, along with the aforementioned law firm.

So, here I am again, ready to shake off the rust again and re-adopt my shutterbug persona. This time has a somewhat better chance of completion as I am now retired.

Here's what my profile originally said:

I am a paramedic by training and now work for the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

My passion for animals is lifelong and I have relatively recently made it my mission to capture the essence of what makes them fascinating. I do this through freezing fleeting moments within my (usually brief) encounters with wildlife.

In pursuing this mission, I've found that I also have an eye for flowers. They, too, are a part of the richness and elegance of the "uncivilized" world all around us. And as a photographic subject, flowers are just one hell of a lot easier to work with...not once has any of them run away from me as I raised the camera to my eye.

Here is my artist statement (if I make any exceptions to this for my 365 Project, it will be clearly noted):

"All of my photographs are of truly wild animals. No zoos, no farms, no domestics, no fences. They are in no way captive, contained or controlled. When they have had enough of me, they are free to leave, and they always do so at their own pace and of their own accord.

Likewise, my florals are all wild. No pots or planters, no cultivation. Just rainwater and sunshine."