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I'm in love with Art in every form - from music and paintings to photography, nature and the glory all around us.

I'm a working and home schooling mother to four, and I live out in the Canadian prairie countryside on 30 acres of heaven. A friend and I have challenged each other to a photo-a-day project, and I decided that taking a capture each day, of the same relative subject, would be a great way to create something interesting, educational, and beautiful.

I love photography as a trustworthy creative outlet, and come from a family full of photographers. I joined the Nikon club a couple of years ago, and I love it.

I am the first to admit that I am chronically too busy. Crazily, insanely busy. Too busy, many days, to take a moment just for me. I will make coffee, but then I will find myself 4 hours in the future, with cold coffee forgotten on the counter. I will plan to call a friend to catch up, and find myself falling into bed at midnight, the day's work barely done. I intend to capture the glorious beauty all around me, the beauty I am blessed with every day, but I find myself admiring it for the briefest of moments before rushing off to "the next thing". Sometimes, I am ashamed to say, I miss it all together.

A friend of mine and I have embarked on a challenge to capture beauty, daily, for a year. For her, it is the desire to take photos of things that have inspired her, however trivial they may seem. For me, well, I needed some parameters. For one thing, it needed to have a focus, or my grand ideas would never bear fruit. I needed to rein in m approach, or my results will be as frenetic as my life. I needed something simple; calm. It had to be doable, and still something that is beautiful and inspiring.

The number of times I have wondered at the turning of seasons or the colour of a flower or the glow in the sky... Well, they are countless. I never want to fail to notice beauty. If that day should come, I fear it will be too late for me.

In order to be consistent, as well as to find some sense and purpose, some sameness and beauty, and some appreciation of the mundane, I'm going to look out my door every day, and take a photo. Most days, this will be at home, but because I travel fairly often, some days will be out the door of wherever I rested my head the night before.

Please join me!