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Hi! I'm Tracy. I live outside of Washington, DC.

I discovered this project in June 2013. The timing was wonderful because I am a teacher and have summers off, so I immediately joined. I had a great time taking pictures that summer, but then school started and I wasn't able to keep up with my project.

My life has changed in the meantime. I recently had twins (Feb 11, 2015), and I will now be staying at home with them. Of course, they are more demanding of my time than work was, but they also are my favorite thing to photograph! I've decided to start a new album for my new attempt. I'm also relaxing my own expectations of my project. So sometimes my photos will "just" be snapshots documenting my life. As time and my energy (no, not getting full night's worth of sleep) allow, I will be more creative and take more thoughtful pictures.

I am inspired and humbled by all of the beautiful pictures on here and look forward to learning more.

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2017 Update: I am back (for the third time in my own mind), and I hope to complete 365 days in a row!

2018: Maybe this year?