29 Breakfast in China - Sichuan Province

Walk around the streets in China early in the morning and you can find almost anything ready to be chopped up for breakfast.

This lady was getting ready for hungry customers in Chengdu, Sichuan province; the home of spicy, Chinese food.

I'm not quite sure what was on offer in the streets but going to a restaurant in China doesn't make things much easier.

I couldn't understand the menu, so I looked around for something appetising. The waitress suggested that I write it down in English.

'Noodles and meat', I wrote. Keep it simple, I thought.

The girl smiled and pointed to a price on the menu.

"OK," I smiled.

She took the order to the kitchen and her friend returned with a can of 'Special Quality Drink'. It was fruity, probably a blend of several, and thicker than the average canned drink; almost a syrup.

While I meditated on its taste, the waitress returned with a slip of paper:

'Sorry no noodles, but we have rice'.

I said that would do fine. She looked at me, so I underlined rice; and nodded.

I was brought a bowl of rice and a plate of deep-fried, fatty meat. I wondered if it was the traditional bear-paw or nose of camel deer. No-one could translate, but it was probably pork.

Photo by Michel Guntern, TravelNotes.org - https://photos.travelnotes.org/

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We certainly had some adventurous meals in China, although when in Chengdu we went to a restaurant with a local lady who loved food. She ordered for us and it was amazing! When we were in places that had absolutely no english (very common in rural parts of China) my son had great delight in just saying 'nigger' or 'jigger' and pointing (not sure of the spelling but it is 'this one' or 'that one'. Most food we got was pretty good. The most memorable for me was a bowl of dumplings in Litting.
posted November 1st, 2017  
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