102 Hanoi Street Barber, Vietnam by travel

102 Hanoi Street Barber, Vietnam

Although many Western-style hair salons have opened their doors in Vietnam, it is still possible to cut corners on the streets of Hanoi; for a quick short back and sides, an ear-clean, and even a little eyebrow pluck.

Just sit in an empty chair on the pavement (sidewalk), motion to what you need done with the excess growth on your head, then look in the mirror to watch the world pass by behind you.

When I had my hair cut in Vietnam, I found the passers-by were actually looking at me.

Photo by Michel Guntern, TravelNotes.org - https://photos.travelnotes.org/

📷 http://pics.travelnotes.org/featured/hanoi-street-barber-travel-pics.html


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