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2017 on 365 is a blend of experimenting with photography and documenting my life....my gritty b&w shots can be found on Instagram @ukandie

Just a Brit living in Chicago, and have done for the past 20 years (married with 2 college age kids), observing and documenting what I see!

I am not a very consistent commenter or poster here, but you can always find my work especially my b&w work on my Instagram feed https://www.instagram.com/ukandie/

Year 4: Contemplated quitting 365, but could not pull the plug, so will keep posting when I feel like it.

Year 2 and 3: I found my love for B&W and Street photography. Swapped my trusty Canon t2i, for fuji X70 and X-T2.

Year 1 completed with no fillers, I still cannot believe I did it, and could not have done it without the support of this wonderful community. I have learned what I like to shoot and what I do not, I have learned my strengths and weaknesses. What started as a maybe hobby has become a passion!