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I live in Tasmania (born in Finland) - my parents gave me the artist name Ulrika when I was born so it's been chosen for me. I started 365 in 2011 and did a full year and continued for a couple of years onwards but then deleted my account until I realised how much I missed being here!!

I work full time in a primary school mainly as a facility attendant but also do small group work with art and garden as part of a chaplaincy role. I love being able to use my photography with and for my school.

and please do not feel guilty if you don't comment all the time - because I certainly can't either... it's like with my friends I will always love it when you drop by, when you have time and want to :)

The past couple of years have been really difficult juggling my work with personal and my husbands health issues - I am really working hard to get back into my photography as I know it helps me stay positive. I love coming to this community of many like minded people who I can be inspired by and learn new things from.