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Well, it's nearly the end of 2019 and thoughts turn to good intentions for 2020. This year, I'm hoping to cheat less on 365 - actually take a picture to upload each day, rather than do a frantic catch-up a few times a month! I like the look of the "get pushed" Challenge too and, once again, I'm really going to try to keep up with at least some of the monthly themes. 2020 will be (hopefuly!) my first year of being fully retired, having coasted through a few years of pretty casual part-time work - so really, I have no excuse not to push my photography on a bit! I have an assortment of pretty basic, but perfectly ok, DSLR cameras, plus a Sony Bridge, but also a problematic spine that often puts me off carrying anything much heavier than a mobile phone for any distance. I have Photoshop, but no idea really how to use it - beyond a few lucky accidents clicking random tools!
At the start of 2020, I joined the weekly "Get Pushed" Challenge. I'm taking a leaf out of Wendy @farmreporter 's album and am going to try to remember to update a list of all the wonderful challenges I've been set so far - here is the link - http://365project.org/valpetersen/themes-and-comp/2020-01-01