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For "GET PUSHED" partners: previous challenges are here http://365project.org/tags/vera365-gp

Year 3 update: Two years done, although some pictures (although taken) stayed on the phone/card for some reason. Back in the US, will try to continue, although no castles... no palaces... not so many travel outlooks.

Year 2 update: I did it! One year of pictures. But it is not what's amazing - amazing is all the great stuff I learned along the way and all the wonderful people I "met" while on 365. After one year here, I see even more exciting stuff to pursue and learn, and it's exciting!

Year 1: About me: Lived in Russia, Lived in the US (Michigan), now living a couple of years in Germany. Since so much is new and exciting, I keep carrying my camera around.
Feeling intimidated by all the great photos here, but nonetheless, I am starting a 365 project. Why? To challenge myself to see more of what's around and appreciate the beauty.