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I started my 10th year here on ....New Years Eve 2022.

Quote for Photographers -
If you change the way you look at things
The things you look at change.

I start my 9th year here on New years Eve 2021.

I always look forward to each new day on 365.
Although I don't post every day I still enjoy the buzz of putting my shot up for all to see. Ill health has slowed me down but I still carry a camera around with me just in case I see that great shot but as my hands get shaky I sometimes miss it which is annoying. I am useing a wheelchair and mobility scooter nowadays as I have RA. and still waiting for a knee replacement. My speciality as I look back over my albums seems to be flowers and which I do love having been a florist from a youngster to almost retirement. I enjoy viewing everyone's brilliant photos and competition entries and of course the amazing Top Twenty.
Thank so much for all your inspiration encouragement kind comments and messages you have posted through the years

Year 5 starts here on New Years Eve 2017 I want to thank you my friends for all your wonderful comments and Favs over the last year. Due to circumstances I no longer get to post every day but I do enjoy looking at your posts and try to comment when I can. 365 is a wonderful experience and I enjoy the friendships and inspiration to be found as I travel through each month.

I start my fourth year today New Years Eve I never thought I would be able to keep up with a daily photo but I am still here and enjoying every moment. . Being here on 365 has opened my eyes to the little things and everyday beauty which has made this a wonderful experience and a big thank you to all my friends I have met along the way who have given me encouragement inspiration help and wonderful comments.