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2024 and I can’t believe that I’m now starting my 2nd year doing 365 it’s been a pleasure to make some new friends and thank you for all of the comments helping me become a better photographer.
Thanks for your inspirational photos and kindness
Wishing you a great year ahead x

Here’s a link to some of my pictures that made it to the popular page…. I warn you now a lot of my other hobby knitting and my diary a day is quite social/people oriented 🤣🤣


Hi there nice to meet you…

I’m a real newbie to this project but excited to see some inspirational pictures and definitely improve my own photography… it will be fun to try to document my year… I’m lucky to have retired and so it will be nice to see what the year holds.

My photography will probably be a mix of phone as it’s always with me and my Camera (Nikon Z50) treat to myself last summer… so still learning about it 🤣

Bring it on happy New Year to you all 😊