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Year 6, and I still really enjoy this site. I feel I haven't had as much time to comment or take in part in as many challenges lately. I will try to rectify this, and blame my diploma studies for that. This will be my last year of study, and hope to qualify by the end of the year. In March of 2020 I ended up buying a Nikon D500, as my D7500 had to go in for repair. Due to the length of time it was going to be away, and it was in the middle of diploma assignments I felt I couldn't manage without. Very generous and thoughtful husband.

Year 4! Where did those other 3 years go to? 3 different cameras in those 3 years, but I'm sticking to my latest in year 4. I really enjoy this site, and the friendships that seem to occur. I appreciate and read every comment I receive, and apologise if I don't acknowledge them all. I try to comment as much as time allows.

I have now lived in New Zealand for 23 years, but was born in Yorkshire in the UK. Hence my tag Yorkshirekiwi. I love to see photographs of places I've visited, especially in the UK. I also love anything with fur or feathers.