Craptastic Chess by 30pics4jackiesdiamond

Craptastic Chess

The white and black changed to grey scale from white and brown. The composition is a crop, as originally were both centre stage . The blurryness is due to a miniaturisation layer. Was trying to do a northy (well she must have got it wrong, and craptastic, when she first started shooting chess kinights!)

How have I had time to do this on a late shift day?? We closed two hours early, as there was a threat of 1 or 3 snow flakes falling. I'm not happy to use my last two hours of annual leave because snow might happen.

Kali sugggested losing the final layer, so this is waht it looked like before I craptasticted it !

Three Good Things

Nice man who changed both front tyres on car also inflated slightly deflated back ones (as there was a yellow low pressure warning light showing. Ooops!)
It snowed, for 10 minutes
Tasty fish stuffed with shellfish mousse and stemaed veg for tea

I like this - I can see what you're aiming for and we can't get it right all the time. I particularly like the lighting. And your tea sounds damned delicious.
January 31st, 2019  
I agree with Graeme
January 31st, 2019  
lose the blur layer and i think this could be great
January 31st, 2019  
@graemestevens Tea was delicately delicious! Thank you for knd comment
@Dawn ditto above
@kali66 uploaded the sooc version for you
January 31st, 2019  
great lighting - and snow is interesting
January 31st, 2019  
Northy does it so well. This looks great on the Black!
January 31st, 2019  
I think you nailed the Northy thing
January 31st, 2019  
Perhaps if the white horse's head was slightly more in focus I wouldn't pay so much attention to the nose. I like the blurred focus overall.
February 1st, 2019  
definitely prefer this one for being darker and more mysterious ;p (and black and white!)... you've handled the light wonderfully here - i generally find it quite tricky to shoot black and white pieces together because i can never get the light to work for both - but you've managed it beautifully!

and this is a lovely chess set btw!
February 1st, 2019  
@northy thank you!! These are brown and white that I then grey scaled. Lighting was tricky so thank you for that feedback. Expect more Northy type shots during flash of red!!
@randystreat that's down to me lack of editing skills
@grammyn thank you
@maggiemae she's a good role model

February 1st, 2019  
I like the cropp the best, also I like the black horse better! The blur gives it something mysterious.
February 1st, 2019  
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