Hug A Neck! by bjywamer

Hug A Neck!

If you have others in your household with whom you can give and receive hugs, you are blessed! Be generous with your hugs--especially hugs for children and the older generation. Hugs are comforting and a great way to express love and appreciation! Hug tightly and long! Teddy feels sad if you don't have a person to hug right now. :-( But he hopes that maybe you have a furry companion you can lavish hugs and extra attention upon. Sending you virtual hugs from Teddy's "family" in Montana!
Such a cute - and warming - shot
April 15th, 2020  
Yes indeed. Wish I could hug my sister-in-laws neck...she had surgery today, and her husband , my brother-in-law, who was released from a different hospital today having mini strokes. They care for her elderly parents, her Dad has been in rehab and hasn't seen him for more than a month and he didn't always know her seeing her daily. These days of isolation are tough for many. Hugs needed!
April 15th, 2020  
Hugs matter so much. My Teenager is excellent at giving hugs and I am grateful to have him home with us now while this "situation" sorts out.
April 15th, 2020  
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