Exploring New York's religious communities

posted November 15th, 2012
Saw this on the BBC News website - "Babel, the urge to pray" by Viviana Peretti


Some interesting images

More on her website - http://vivianaperetti.com/
posted November 16th, 2012
At first I expected something like Nina Burman's "Mega Churches" series, but the mood is entirely different. And that third photo just made my day. Thanks for sharing this.
posted November 16th, 2012
@spirrowshoot OK as far as it goes, but it misses so much, and is severely filtered by the British attitude to "established" religious practice being stultified and wanting to look elsewhere for the fire. Yes, established religion might be dead in the UK, but it most definitely is not in the US and especially in NYC. The Reform Jewish tradition and Temple Emanuel, the Roman Catholic tradition and St. Patrick's cathedral, the Anglican tradition of St. Barts, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, the Church of St Mary the Virgin (very high church), the unaffiliated tradition of the magnificent Riverside Church. She has missed all of this.

Where is traditional Buddhism and Hindu? Did I miss this? There is a wonderful new Hindu temple complex close by me in Bridgewater NJ, and I will be attempting to profile it in the near future.

I dislike the dismissive view. And for the record, I am a non-believer, but you must detect my Anglican background.
posted November 16th, 2012
Looking at the few posted, it looks like she is going to have a great and diverse collection of photos when she is done. Like her photojournalistic style.
posted November 16th, 2012
@frankhymus Yes, I agree that she hasn't included quite a few practices and denominations. I've never been to New York, but I can imagine the array of diversity in religion and belief. I do, however, appreciate the photographer's seemingly more objective takes on her subjects; I don't feel any pressure to do anything but observe. It feels to me like she isn't asking us to exercise any judgement with these photos, only awareness. As for myself, I'm interested in all things controversial it seems, and the fact that all cultures at some point in time have exhibited a desire to connect with a "higher being" (warped in time, or not) fascinates me. So, as far as religion goes, I always like to take a look.
posted November 16th, 2012
Thanks Andy - interesting. I always try to remember to check out Phil Coomes' blog but I don't think he's got a feed.
posted November 16th, 2012
Very interesting - thx Andy. NYC is certainly diverse and I see people practicing religions here that I never even knew existed. But the beauty is that they can all do it openly and freely.
posted November 16th, 2012
@andycoleborn thank you so much for sharing this......she really has some beautiful shots there..........the two that really popped out to me....the Hare Krishna one and the Voodoo one - - very striking images. I don't know exactly how i personally feel about taking photos of people during private prayer time.....but she has captured some other moments that i feel are not as intrusive maybe......this has definitely got me thinking. thanks
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