Facebook photography page - how do I start?

posted January 6th, 2017
Hi, everybody!

Lately some of my photos started to lead a life of their own on facebook and I think it is time tot make my own public photography page.I just need to be able to claim my work easily (tag my page) and maybe redirect people who are interested in my work to my page.
But I have no idea how to start!

I'm currently managing a business page for a bakery, but I can't use that format. I want to make it clear that I'm not doing commercial shoots.

What type of page do I need? Is it a brand/product?

What kind of facebook pages do you have?
I'm interested to see both professional pages and other public photography pages.

Just post the link to your facebook page here and we can all have a look!
You can post your Instagram page too.

Thanks in advance!
posted January 6th, 2017
I started my facebook page a few weeks ago: https://www.facebook.com/anniemetcalfephotography

Think I chose public figure as the page type, then there's an option for photographer
posted January 6th, 2017
@blueace Thank you, Annie! That is good to know about the 'photographer' option!
Your page looks beautiful!
posted January 6th, 2017
I'd been wondering about this too.
Annie, your page is fantastic, just popped over and gave it a like :)
I'd also love to see other 365ers FB pages & instagrams if anyone cares to post links...
posted January 6th, 2017
@laetitiapetrussa @m2016 Thanks for looking! If you set up pages (or if anyone else has them) please let us know, would be awesome to see what other people have :)
posted January 6th, 2017
@m2016 My Instagram page looks like this https://www.instagram.com/laetitiapetrussa/ although I don't post regularly.
This is the page I manage for the bakery https://www.instagram.com/bakkerijcoppens/ and I'm much more active on there.
But most of the people I know don't have Instagram...
posted January 6th, 2017
I started a page for photography about 3 years ago, it's made me think about making a proper website but even then it's handy to use facebook to link it too - I've told other photographer friends that if they post about their blog I'll go and have a look as I've been reminded.. Good luck ! :) https://www.facebook.com/ingridbudgephotography/
posted January 6th, 2017
@laetitiapetrussa Your photos are gorgeous! I like the idea of the Facebook page, but not sure my photos are ready for prime time. I do post them on my own Facebook page and people seem to like them.
posted January 6th, 2017
I set up a FB page for my artwork and photography since I'd like to keep my regular FB page more for personal posts. I put mine under the category of "artist."


I find it so much easier to keep up with than a blog and since it's more for a hobby than a profession, I'm not worrying about a website. The only bad thing about FB pages is that the FB algorithms can make it hard for posts to be seen by an audience unless you want to pay to boost them (which I don't).

@marylandgirl58 Your photos are lovely! They totally could stand on their own FB page!
posted January 6th, 2017
@emrob aww! Thank you! You made my day :)
posted January 6th, 2017
I created my Facebook page through the American Fine Art website. https://www.facebook.com/AaronAldrichFineArt/?ref=bookmarks
posted January 8th, 2017
My FB photo page is
posted January 8th, 2017
I have a FB photography page but find it hard to get my FB friends to 'Like' it! I've just started to try & get some more traffic to it by posting albums of recently take shots to it & then sharing that to my personal FB page.
I use my FB page to promote my images on Society 6 & RedBubble
Have a look & I'm grateful for any feedback!
posted January 10th, 2017
@carolineb7 @marjasav @grizzlysghost @marylandgirl58 @emrob @marylandgirl58 @ingrid2101 @blueace @m2016
Thank you guys! This was very useful!
I will carefully study all of your pages before I make mine.

About facebook likes: I am familiar with the facebook algorithms because of the bakery's business page. It really helps to have your friends share your photos on their page sometimes. The more your friends like a photo, the easier the next one will show up in their feeds, so it's possible that they don't like it because they just don't see it. Tagging them in your comments or sending them a link to your album in a private message also helps to get more views. And likes.
It also helps to invite all your friends to like your page. Although I don't know if it works for any page (e.g. a photographer's page)...

About Instagram; if you decide to follow, please let me know it's you because otherwise I might not follow back. It's nothing personal but I generally only follow real-life-friends or very similarly themed pages. I follow 356 project members if I recognise them.
posted January 17th, 2017
@carolineb7 @marjasav @grizzlysghost @marylandgirl58 @ingrid2101 @emrob @ingrid2101 @blueace @m2016 Once more, thank you for the inspiration!
I just made a page, and I'm filling it up with some photos I made the past year. Will you take a look? https://www.facebook.com/LaetitiaPetrussaPhotography
posted January 17th, 2017
Love your page so far Laetitia, looking forward to more
and I love the introduction to @carolineb7 's page as well !
posted January 17th, 2017
Love the page! You have some absolutely stunning photos on there :)
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