Landscape Challenge 13

March 20th, 2019
Thanks to Clare Gadsby @pistache for hosting the landscape 12 challenge and all those that voted for my shot.

You are free to use any photographic technique you like to capture a landscape. Cityscapes are also ok for the members that live in city's and don't get out to the countryside so often. You may enter as many times as you like, but your entry must be taken and posted within the challenge time frame to be considered as a finalist. The starting date will be today, 20 March, and will run until 17th April. I will post a shortlist of finalists shortly thereafter.

Landscape photography shows spaces within the world, sometimes vast and unending, but other times microscopic according to Wikipedia. While landscape photographs typically capture the presence of nature, they can also focus on man-made features or disturbances of landscapes found in urban settings. So please consider entering this challenge whether you live in a vast city or in the expansive wilds.

Please tag your entry landscape13 and feel free to post your images here as well to encourage others. posted images can also be viewed here
March 21st, 2019
I browse to the tag. It's only up to landscape8 or 9. What sorcery is this?
March 21st, 2019
@arnica17 @lsquared
I find that gremlins lurk on this site and do all kinds of weird stuff to people that do not affect others.
Happens to me all the time!
I just chalk it up to the moon and ignore it.
March 21st, 2019
@lsquared ah, I mean I can browse tag from 13 to 9, but not 1 to 8 ☺
March 21st, 2019
@lsquared thank you 😁🖒
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