1st July 2019 by emmadurnford

1st July 2019

Thank goodness the weather remained a little cooler today as we headed up town for another of Tony Hales walks, this time around Canary Wharf and Docklands.

We met under the clock at Waterloo and then travelled onto Canary Wharf by tube. The tour was really interesting and we discovered a lot of public art along the way. The walk was not long in distance but we were on our feet for nearly three hours before we finally were able to stop for lunch.

The area is fascinating and there are a lot of staff employed across the area to hand out leaflets with information and also special plastic mats to sit on! I really liked the fact that all the pedestrian crossings have been remarked with rainbows to celebrate the LGBT and Pride March.

After a very nice lunch of a falafel salad with halloumi followed by pancakes - mine had salted butter, salted caramel and banana filling and Colin went for lemon, sugar and orange liqueur - we headed back into central London. We visited the new Stanfords just a couple of streets away from their old address in Long Acre. It seems to have the same number of maps but sadly I don’t think it has the same atmosphere as its old home. Our footstep count was pretty impressive by the time we finally got home some nine hours later.

The architecture was really impressive in the city - heres some more images from the day - https://www.facebook.com/pg/EmmaDurnfordPhotography/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2452107674841899&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARAwoQYAj6vtApAXXUMLZRR2Ijy7GkCgit2mW1kJzUbtOlP5mVjkt_oAEx64TqtX8GENkfx0o2iLsWl9D-v9wofZNtPZzrfa5sG7RcWvMHwJi1wGvZmiAqmrMMOLrnFjWac-jO3PoN3atEIh4ntk8wYtaoDOe4EglT2Dvt3WEkzXry4WfyY4u2_ls18nSSTABN-tRgjFIkgcVmvrQZjjtZ_fD3Yp1fJIrksyizkZDjJq-KjUbinxoe5RcDrIPzTHwsXXXe0uwNqDSgBFelNHcyaFxJajAfHd2YlWjz2mraumHO6qXAE7SwqWAkNGDEkkyYj5KzMZihPh0L1o43hOns7YgrbqYpl7Cm9mc3Xl2FAc-rpGBbvY2yS8KzYulcodYuGwsbIAT5FzYpplcXhP2CkmbGodZ09cbRNXL4-ljnLOfEntNlASbunaTIArkQQEplGg113KvGFL0PXZ6cxs&__tn__=-UC-R
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