23rd August 2019 by emmadurnford

23rd August 2019

Today’s the day of Mums cancer operation and we’re all really worried. I headed into Kingston to take my mind off things with firm instructors to Ian to let us know when she is taken into surgery. The text came at 1.30pm and she was expected to be under anaesthetic for around 3 hours.

Despite adding to Mums box of goodies with Huffkins bear - just what I was looking for from the tea shop in John Lewis - time dragged.

The hours clicked by as I clock watched and tried to convince myself all was well. Three hours came and went, then four hours. I started a group text between myself, Hester and Sophie and we all tried to convince ourselves all was well. At the five and a half hour point we were panicking. I didn’t think the hospital would give us an update over the phone but Brian called anyway and after some explanations as to who he actually was., he discovered that Mum had in fact come out of surgery with no complications a couple of hours ago. I couldn’t believe it, I had really been thinking the worst. Turns out the hospital had forgotten to call Ian who had been sat waiting in the hospital car park - he didn’t think to go in for an update!!

It took me over an hour to calm down and then I could not believe that Mum actually called me from the hospital later in the evening sounding really perky! She couldn’t understand why I was rather emotional!! She is staying in over night which I’m relieved about as she’s in the best place if there are any complications.
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