4th April 2020 by emmadurnford

4th April 2020

Day 12 of lock down.

It is an absolutely beautiful day today, so warm I could wear a T-shirt with no jacket.

We both walked down Watts Lane as Colin wanted something from the hardware store for his weather station and I wanted a paper and some milk. It was very quiet outside and easier to avoid people on the pavement or at least maintain the 2 meter distancing. I am worried that everyone will have headed out to Bushy and Richmond Parks as it is so lovely. Many people are flouting the rules about outside exercise in this lovely weather and tomorrow it supposed to be even hotter. I really hope they are not stupid otherwise the Royal Parks will be closed to everyone to avoid further spread of the virus and this is one of the bigger spaces where it is possible to fairly easily walk maintaining a distance form other people.

In the afternoon we finally managed to erect the weather station on the side of the garage and await useful data such as ‘it’s sunny’ and ‘it’s warm’!!

We delayed our daily exercise (although we have not actually been out for a few days) until the early evening. It was frustrating staying in all day and so nice to be out for a walk. We have refined our route to avoid as many pinch points as possible. We walk down the High Street, over the railway bridge (longer but not taking the narrow pedestrian bridges near the railway station. There was definitely less people out this evening and we only had to walk into the road and hide down alleyways a few times. Also the Royal Parks finally have taken on our suggestion of marking the pedestrian gates at the Teddington Gate with ‘in’ and ‘out signage. It did not look totally professional so there is a chance that it was made by someone locally but very good whoever made it. This simple signage takes away a lot of worry about coming too close to people and d makes it a lot easier to get in quickly.

Bushy Park was beautiful, the Rees are coming into leaf and we saw a little wren. I even saw different parts of Bushy Park that I have not seen before in choosing routes across the park avoiding people. We walked back through Bushy Park Road which crosses the railway. Someone locally or possibly the railway staff have put in a little traffic light system which ensures people crossing over the narrow bridge do not come face to face with people coming in the opposite direction.

Todays photo is a discarded plastic glove - a definite sign of the times we are currently in.

Finally bacon, egg and chips for dinner and we attempted to watch an Amazon Prime film but with little success as for some reason the audio description was turned on and we cannot find a way to turn it off. Very frustrating. We’ll have another go tomorrow.

A total of 4,313 dead in the UK (up 708).
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