5th April 2020 by emmadurnford

5th April 2020

Day 13 of lock down.

Todays the day - hair cut time for Colin using the new hair clippers that were delivered a few days ago. I was very nervous about this although, lets face it, Colin will have plenty time to grow out any mistakes before we manage to get out of lock-down! I watched a number of videos and have mastered the wrist action and using the comb at the same time. We decided cut it outside on the patio to avoid mess and the birds can have the clippings for their nests. Wind forward half an hour and I am rather pleased with the results… I started with the longer guides and worked my way down to the shortest. There was only one lapse in my concentration when I clipped an overly short patch over his ear (it’ll grow out!). Result - it looks very similar to his normal cut although I have not quite mastered the top bit yet.

A bit later our friends Brian and Carole FaceTimed us from their balcony and it was nice to chat with other people for a while.

Barbecue this evening with steaks I managed to buy in M&S and also some sausages from Booths in Settle. I chopped up peppers, aubergines and courgettes to roast and some large tomatoes. Dessert was baking apples cooked in foil and topped with salted caramel!

We did not go out for our allowed exercise session today as although it was a beautiful warm sunny day, the Health Secretary Matt Hancock has warned that if people continue to flout the rules on social distancing and exactly what is classed as exercise, the rules will become stricter. He hinted that if this is the case then all exercise outside will be banned as well. I understand why. This could feel like a totalitarian State but it really is for all our good to try and ‘flatten the curve’ of new cases and help both the carers and all the staff of the NHS on effectively the front line against this virus. The figures below show why.

A total of 4,934 dead in the UK (up 621).
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