6th April 2020 by emmadurnford

6th April 2020

Day 14 of lock down - end of week 2.

Not a huge amount to report today, our fourteenth day in lock-down and the end of the second week. In the morning I was mostly teaching Colin about the splendours of Zoom and then he arranged a 13.00 meeting with is family and I attended. It was really good, we had a well needed laugh and we had five of us on at the same time!

Following our friends recommendation yesterday, I managed to secure a delivery slot for our Iceland ‘basket’ of shopping for tomorrow evening. It is the first time I have ever food-shopped online so it will be interesting to see how it goes.

We went for a walk on a different route in the early evening and being away from Bushy Park did seem to mean less people on the pavements. This time a number of people gave way for us and we all thanked each other and waved although it has to be said that a few - namely those engrossed in their phones and some runners - still ignored the 2 meter rule and we ended up dipping into alleyways or stepping into the road to avoid them. We got to Radnor Gardens opposite the Popes Grotto and the light was beautiful over the river. We don’t get to see the river so often now as there are more people there and it is difficult to use the footbridge and maintain the distance. There were a few joggers and people huffing and puffing in the Gardens as they hung gym kit from the trees but it was still very nice to be out. I am noticing that the 20 mile an hour speed limit for cars has gone by the wayside now there are so many less cars on the road - I always thought it was a daft limit anyway.

Steak pie (I cheated - it was from M&S), the remains of the roasted veg from the BBQ and home made gravy tonight with apple crumble (also from M&S) - there’s only so long I can be a domestic goddess!

Main news of the day as well as the very sad increasing death toll is that Boris Johnson is now in hospital and as of 7.00pm this evening was moved to intensive care. I do not pretend to like him and I fiercely oppose his views and actions regarding Brexit but I do not want him to die this way and I feel very sorry for his pregnant partner. This is not the time to lose our Prime Minister as most of the Cabinet seem to be self isolating now.

A total of 5,373 dead in the UK (up 439)
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