Milky Way over Mt. Eldon by joysabin

Milky Way over Mt. Eldon

My muse continues to be fickle- today she didn't raise her voice not even a peep was heard. After dinner, I went to Buffalo Park which is an open meadow above town. It used to be a wild animal park but only gets runners,walkers,star gazers, even night time bikers which seems kinda crazy to me.
This is Mt. Eldon with a shy Milky Way. The moon was out and the lights from the city helped with its shyness. The burn scar from the Radio Fire of 40+ years ago is visible on the right flank of the mountain.
I can hear a shout out for this one!
October 3rd, 2019  
Great shot. Love it.
October 3rd, 2019  
Wonderful capture
October 3rd, 2019  
Stunning fav
October 3rd, 2019  
So very very well done!
October 3rd, 2019  
Very well captured!
October 3rd, 2019  
great photo. I like see the straight human traces in the sky too
October 3rd, 2019  
Amazing. Fav
October 3rd, 2019  
October 3rd, 2019  
wonderful image!
October 3rd, 2019  
Fantastic. Fav! Not seen so much of the Milky Way since I was a kid.
October 4th, 2019  
Looks almost too good to be many places now which have too much light to even imagine this.
October 4th, 2019  
@annied How kind of you, thank you so much for the fav.

@haskar Thank you so very much, most thankful for the fav. It is still warm enough at night to get night shots. Winter nights usually are the best but the low temperatures make me twice.

@777margo Thank you so much, truly grateful for the fav.

@onewing I have to admit that I was surprised how much fun I had standing out in the dark. I've had a lot of failures or lessons learned trying to get night shots. Most thankful for the fav.

@robz Thank you a great deal, truly thankful for the fav. I finally bought the Photopills app and am learning how to make use of it. I do recommend it.

@angelikavr Thank you kindly for the fav. I need to take advantage of the night sky here more often, it is truly amazing.

@francoise This area has lot of jets that fly over, getting a shot without them is nigh impossible but I won't let them bother me. I love seeing all the stars.

@megpicatilly Thank you so much, truly grateful for the fav.

@tstb13 The night sky in Northern Arizona is almost unbelievable, it is a true gift to see so many stars.

@jernst1779 Thank you a great deal, the fav is most appreciated.

@lostphojo Thank you so much. The night sky in Flagstaff even with its light glow is amazing. The app Photopills is a new fun tool for me. I have only scratched the surface with what it can do.

@granagringa Flagstaff says its the 1st dark skies city- I have some doubts but they are now telling us that they will be enforcing the regulations more. I can't really complain because I can drive 30 minutes and be in the middle of nowhere and see a great many stars.
October 7th, 2019  
This is beautiful! Fav.
October 16th, 2019  
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