Just dropping in because I dragged myself out of a warm bed on Sunday to catch the last of the snow. Nigel joined me so after I’d flashed my magic Camcard to get into King’s we adjourned to the Copper Kettle for bacon baguettes. Not the easiest of photography conditions because it was majorly murky.
I still have way too much voluntary stuff on the go - bit fed up of it tbh.
Love all those straight lines, but I like the sound of bacon baguettes even more. Chin up, m'dear. :)
posted March 5th, 2018  
Great angle shot to see the architectural details, repetition
posted March 6th, 2018  
Nice lines.
posted March 6th, 2018  
Hello lollipop?!! Now that was my phone correcting heeeelllooo
posted March 6th, 2018  
Nice shot of that familiar facade. We didn't venture into Cambridge on Sunday because of the half marathon, though I was feeling very sorry for anyone running in it! (I'm sure they loved it though, mad muppets!) Hope you can lose some of your voluntary stuff at some point, it's clearly not making you very happy!
posted March 6th, 2018  
Beautiful capture!
posted March 6th, 2018  
You are too accommodating Judith but it's hard to say no sometimes especially if you want to help, only 24 hours in a day! Love the white stone here or it marble? Love the contrast of that beautiful street lamp.
posted March 6th, 2018  
Sounds like you are being relied upon heavily for your volunteering. Maybe it is time to plan a break and let the organisations work out how they can get along without you for a while. I love the lightness of this building and the lines too. Glad you got out for a bit of photography.
posted March 6th, 2018  
I love this vertical view and all the sense of majesty
posted March 7th, 2018  
Love this!
posted March 15th, 2018  
A beautiful building
posted March 23rd, 2018  
Sending you a smile today and hoping you're doing okay amid all your busyness (if that's a real word!)
posted March 25th, 2018  
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