Album Cover Challenge 129 by olivetreeann

Album Cover Challenge 129

For the current album cover challenge-

Band: The Roman Withdrawal (from Africa in 225 B. C.); an attempt by the Roman Republic to rescue the survivors of their defeated expeditionary force to Carthaginian Africa (now Northeast Tunisia) during the first Punic War. 390 warships fought and defeated 200 Carthaginian vessels off Cape Hermaeum (modern Cape Bon). 114 Carthaginian ships and crews were captured and 16 sunk. Most modern historians assume there were no Roman losses. However, while returning to Italy the victorious fleet encountered a storm off the southeast corner of Sicily. 384 ships sunk during the storm with the loss of 100,000 men.

Album Title from a quote by Alan Woods: Blame someone else and get on with your life.

Base shot- two shell collectors captured at Sunset Beach in Cape May, NJ taken in 2016. Snow Geese in flight overlay taken in 2018.
Nice montage. Relation to the title?
September 17th, 2021  
This feels timely with the Afghanistan withdrawal
September 17th, 2021  
Wow - you sure put these together so well!
September 17th, 2021  
true word
September 17th, 2021  
Well done Ann, I love the way you put this together!
September 17th, 2021  
well done in putting this all together. Looks great
September 17th, 2021  
Cool capture and processing
September 17th, 2021  
Nice processing; Interesting history
September 17th, 2021  
This is most impressive! You have such med skills when it comes to this challenge! This would be another great composite shot as well!
September 17th, 2021  
Terrific editing, congrat's on trending and pop pages, well deserved. Fav
September 17th, 2021  
Excellent edits...neat colors
September 17th, 2021  
Great cover! Fav
September 17th, 2021  
@milestonevisualmedia Thanks Ron- the way they were looking down made me think of looking only at the past. The way the birds were flying made me think of looking forward. So the relation? Stop looking down, look up and move on.

@pandorasecho It's despicable what our president and his administration did to the good people of Afghanistan, our military and civilian personal there and those of our allies. My opinion.

@milaniet @sugarmuser @ludwigsdiana @ninaganci @swchappell @hjbenson @grammyn @bybri @seattlite @lyndamcg

Thank you Milanie, Sharon, Diana, Nina, Sw, Harry, Katy, Bri, Gloria, and Lynda!

Thank you so much for all your generous views, comments and favs!
September 17th, 2021  
A interesting album cover and processing of your combined shots.
September 18th, 2021  
Well done
September 18th, 2021  
Very nicely put together.
September 18th, 2021  
@wendyfrost @bkbinthecity @randystreat

Thank you Wendy!
Thank you Brian!
Thank you Kathy! And thank you for the fav!
September 19th, 2021  
Superb match of the title and band. Well done cover!
September 28th, 2021  
Interesting! Thanks for entering.
September 28th, 2021  
@monikozi @spanishliz

Thank you Moni Kozi!
Thank you Liz!
September 29th, 2021  
This is terrifically creative Ann. Love the album cover and the narrative.
October 18th, 2021  
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