Seagull -by any other name

I have always called these birds "Seagulls" and had to go to the seaside to see them. Now it seems that they live as much inland as by the sea - this one was happily enjoying the morning sun on our local riverbank
Lovely capture Anne, they are attractive birds :)
posted October 3rd, 2017  
Yep, were have them inland too. A lovely shot 😊
posted October 3rd, 2017  
A great shot - like the way you have caught him with a pensive stare!
posted October 3rd, 2017  
Apparantly in two generatins time kids will be asking why they're called seagulls as so few will be by the sea!! (Don' think I made that up, propbly from QI or Pointless!! I must get out more!)
posted October 3rd, 2017  
Nice backlighting to outline him with some sunlight
posted October 4th, 2017  
@hermann @paul10 @megpicatilly @30pics4jackiesdiamond @seacreature Thans for all your lovely comments, Im afraid that for me Seagulls will always be linked to the beach!!
posted October 6th, 2017  
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