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Summers in Lunenburg Nova Scotia inspire my photography, and the friends I've made on 365 keep me coming back to share more! (June, 2012)

My oldest daughter told me about this site and we both began adding photos the first of 2010. I live in Fountain Valley, California

(March 2014) ... Inspired by the question about why we take photos, I wrote the following:
I got my first camera when I was 8 & my father taught me to develop film and make prints. I got my BFA in college, but I always felt I fell short of "the possibilities". I continued to take photos, but with film, (and trial & error) I only had a few successes, but with the advent of digital, I feel as though I'm soaring! I've found so much inspiration on 365 and coupled with my art background, I've finally found my muse and my medium. I love being surrounded by this wonderful circle of like-minded artists and photographers... Everyday it's a joy to wake and know there's something new and fascinating to see and photograph. I have a life's journal and a daily record for myself and my family and a bit of history as a result. .

I'm inspired by many of the sites and photos I've come across, and I enjoy reading captions and stories behind the photos.