Three Years by arkensiel

Three Years

Hello everyone, Dougal here. Today is one of the days that I write in the journal, as it is my anniversary. It is not my birthday or Christmas, but the day that my Mum ran over me and broke my back in three places; that was three years ago. For those of you who do not know, I had to spend a whole week in hospital while my back, which was cemented and pinned together again healed a little. I do not remember much about those eight days until I was allowed home again. Once home, it took a long time, Mum says it was six months, until I was well enough to go outside and play and now, just occasionally my right back leg gives way. That is usually when I am running fast and chasing my sister.

So what have I been doing today? Playing in the garden and laying in the sunshine, just as I do most days; Mum says to make the most of it as it will rain soon. Did I get a present today? No, she gave me and Florence, my sister a ‘flea’ tablet. It seems we catch so much wildlife that we sometimes pick up fleas. At least I did not have to have a ‘worm’ tablet as well. Oh…. maybe I will get that tomorrow!

Love to all my cat and doggie friends. Dougal.

PS - I forgot to say; today’s picture is of ME.
Hello, Dougal! I like this picture of you spending time in the sunshine! I'm glad you are able to run fast, play and chase your sister! Good for you and Florence for taking your flea tablet, too! xo
September 15th, 2015  
@kchuk Thank you, your comments are much appreciated.
September 15th, 2015  
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