Spring in the City- Invasion of the BunnySnatchers by blackmutts

Spring in the City- Invasion of the BunnySnatchers

This is from Macy’s 2019 Flower Show- a tradition that far outdates Instagram but seems like it would be quite the darling there. Every year, I see a least a few people who get really dolled up and bring a photo buddy, because they are very serious about getting good pictures out of this outing. This year’s theme is “Journey to Paradise” intrepretted with lots of space ships and alien bunnies? I don’t know about the inspiration, but they’re adorable!

I didn’t do the greatest job keeping up with Rainbow month, but it was fun having an “assignment” to give me a little more focus. So I guess for April, I am assigning myself “spring in the city” so I can have an assignment which is easier for me to meet!

Fair warning- there will be more shots of this flower show, because it was really fun.
Great shot
April 2nd, 2019  
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