Hi! by brigette


Brick Lane, London. Edgy, quirky, colourful, controversial. Fabulous
Good ol' brick lane - took the fan for a stroll when we were over in October
March 21st, 2019  
@graemestevens Great place for a stroll, looksie and a cuppa something. How's your daughter enjoying her job
March 21st, 2019  
@brigette Loving it - she has a month off in 9 days time so her and one of the other gap year girls are off to Amsterdam, Munich, Berlin, Rome and Barcelona. We're going over in July to meet them in Split.
March 21st, 2019  
I working in London for 7 years with a group of solicitors - I used to go in three days a week and work from home for 2 so got to see a fair amount of London as I was always visiting different offices around the city. Always liked London, something different around every corner.
March 21st, 2019  
@graemestevens Sounds great. I still hold my 4 years in London with very fond memories. When I was there last September, I stayed with my old friends from back in those days.. Its always a treat and really lovely to still be in touch after all these years.

Thats wonderful you can have that family time with her over there. Special memories :)

Yip and that is true about London.. so much going on.. never a dull moment for sure!!
March 21st, 2019  
Very eye catching!
March 21st, 2019  
March 21st, 2019  
Very eye catching and a great piece of street art.
March 21st, 2019  
Cool street art
March 21st, 2019  
Very quirky- it made me think of "Help!" not "hi!" lol
March 22nd, 2019  
Great artwork
March 23rd, 2019  
Ha, fun artwork!
March 24th, 2019  
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