X is for xcstatic by carrieoakey

X is for xcstatic

.....xcstaticly sneaky! hahaha! I went to a children's birthday party and the birthday boy's little brother was being sneaky when everybody else was busy and distracted. He cracked me up so much! Caught in the act! hahaha!

Sorry for stretching the X but I just want to get this picture in here. He's too cute! (taken with my android phone)
lol. had to giggle at that little icing-licker. What a coincidence, June 27 is also my son's birthday, we had a children's party with lots of really sneaky kids. =))
June 28th, 2011  
Good fun capture
June 28th, 2011  
@altadc How fun! Happy birthday to your son too!
@hjbenson Thanks! :)
June 29th, 2011  
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