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Year 2. This year I have retired from active work at the University. I was worried that I could be bored of even depressed, but in fact I'm quite happy to spend time traveling, enjoying the city and my home with my husband. Photography and the 365 project have also been of great help.There is no doubt that I learned a lot during the past year and I hope that my pictures have also improved. Now I feel that I have new friends, some virtual and some met in person and I hope that the number of both will continue to increase.

I work at the University of Ferrara, Italy, where I spend most of the week. On week ends I move to Verona. Both are beautiful cities that I like to take pictures of. My passion for photography is long lasting but only recently I have started to take pictures more regularly, and 365 helps me a lot in that.I enjoy participating in challenges: just started. Unfortunately I know nothing in terms of sophisticated post processing (well, yes, I can use picmonkey) nor I use macro or studio lightning. I hope it will come with time! Thank you for your comments and criticisms. All help.