Colorful market  by caterina

Colorful market

In the main square in Verona there is a much vituperated market that no administration has been able to remove. In any case last night one of the stalls was nice and colorful
Nice lighting
January 31st, 2023  
Those ponchos are superb! Lovely colours overall.
I need to look up 'vituperated'
January 31st, 2023  
@monikozi bersted? Harshly Condemned?
January 31st, 2023  
The colors really pop. We're getting so close to getting to see some of the areas you've photographed!
January 31st, 2023  
Beautiful light and colours!
January 31st, 2023  
Lovely streey scene.
January 31st, 2023  
Beautifully bright!
February 1st, 2023  
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