Geese, Bethlehem Wetlands (Sunset Series #3) by chikadnz

Geese, Bethlehem Wetlands (Sunset Series #3)

Out for a quick walk at the end of the day to get my photo of the day. As I wanted to follow the sky / water theme this week for the May half challenge, I went to the wetlands not far from home. There was lots of birdlife on the water - ducks, swans, and geese of various kinds, including what we know as 'Canada geese'.
As the sun went down, flocks of geese were flying overhead, honking as they went. A few landed on the water, but many others flew on beyond this area. I managed to catch this group against the sky.
Duckshooting season opened here recently, so you have to wonder if the birds know of safe places and gather there.

Still working on catching up, almost there now. Thanks for looking!
Great capture !
May 10th, 2018  
Great capture and formation
May 10th, 2018  
Lovely dusk shot.
May 11th, 2018  
@portela @jacqbb @olivetreeann Its interesting how often you go somewhere with a particular subject in mind then something else happens. I wasn't expecting this :-)
May 11th, 2018  
I would love to photograph birds in a formation... nice shot
May 11th, 2018  
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