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Hi, I'm Janice from New Zealand. I was inspired to start my first 365 photo-a-day project in February 2018, by a speaker at our camera club who successfully completed her 365 last year. I'm hoping it will become a way of diarising the years events as well as learning some new photography skills and becoming more creative as time allows. Thanks for the encouragement!

Constructive criticism welcome.

My husband is also posting on 365project, you can find him here: https://365project.org/nzkites/profile

Update, April 2018: We expect to be very busy over the next few months and I need to put more time into other things than 365. I plan to keep photographing daily and will upload images as often as I can, but won't have much time to view and comment on photos. Please know that I enjoy looking at your photos and appreciate very much your comments and faves on mine. It's a great community here!

Here's a link to my images that have appeared on the Popular Page:

I've recently had a couple of images appear on the Trending Page. you can see them here:

These are images that have been successful in themes and challenges (most recent first):

May 2018: Shoot Without Looking SWOL-12 (winner): Sunlit Corridor

April 2018: Landscape-3 (winner): Sundown, Easter Sunday

April 2018: Abstract-7 (winner): Untitled Abstract #4