Maybe she's born with it by darchibald

Maybe she's born with it

The artist challenge this month is Krista van der Niet. Her is my feeble attempt to emulate (because we should never copy) her style.
Genius ( and copying is a great form of flattery and a better way to learn😁!)
October 22nd, 2023  
Putting me to shame for copying! You have definitely captured her essence with this photo
October 26th, 2023  
@grammyn I am sorry, I did not mean to shame. I was just spouting my personal philosophy when it comes to these artist challenge.
October 26th, 2023  
@darchibald no worries, Dave I’m too old to be offended by things like that anymore
October 26th, 2023  
a fabulous emulation, dave. thank you for participating. aces!
November 9th, 2023  
I really got to laugh out of this. I laughed because of comments made yesterday and I laughed just because it's all around funny. Great job.
I really stop by to ask you to follow 5 + 2 or Five plus two.
You missing out on some great selfies.
February 10th, 2024  
@photohoot Omg, I was so embarrassed by this photo. I don't know what I was thinking. The guy who runs 53Frames choose it for critique and was dumbfounded.
February 10th, 2024  
@darchibald no need for embarrassment here. Any photo is better than no photo.
February 10th, 2024  
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