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I am married with one son and live in Elk Grove, California, a part of Sacramento County. I have been taking photos for as long as I can remember. I love photography. I took a class in Black and White in High School and developed my film at home, destroying some of my Mom's silverware in her drainer as some of the chemicals splashed on it. There was a photo lab that I went to with a friend or with my sister and we did contact sheets and then enlarged what I wanted to enlarge. From there, continued taking photos. Sure wish there was digital back then as I would not have so many photos on paper that need to be scanned and organized into my computer, a huge project that is very slow going. I decided to try 365 as it was such an interesting concept to me. A photo a day and a friend had recently started on this site and it peaked my interest. I have never regretted it. I am learning so much and carry my camera with me everywhere I go and so many things that were just normal things are photo opportunities now. Also, my husband and I have a reason to go out and take photos together and have some fun once a week while getting a lot of exercise, fresh air, and finding new and interesting places to go to and explore.