New Minimalist Mini Urban #3

March 1st, 2019
Thank you to @kali66 for hosting the Mini-lightandhadow#2 challenge. And thanks to all of you for participating, voting and for selecting my photo as winner of that challenge. I have now the honor of hosting the next minimalist photo challenge.

A big thank you also to Catherine Pace (@gozoinklings) for creating this challenge! We have now completed the second round of minimalist challenges, going through the five topics: urban, landscape, street, texture and light.

Here is a reminder of what it's all about, copied from the original post:

Many definitions & examples of minimalist photography out there to consider. Here is a guideline: Minimalism is indeed the art of less. As a life philosophy, minimalists focus on a few essential elements of life and cast unnecessary things aside. Same pretty much goes for this photography style. Keep effects and processing to a minimum also :o)

To narrow down the entries for each challenge, we'll have 5 themes and repeat them in cycles.

mini-urban details (doors, windows, building details, bridges, stairs furnishing etc..)

Start Date: Feb. 28 , 2019
Finish Date: March 21, 2019
TAG: mini-urban3

Shots must be taken within this time frame. Voting will take place shortly after the. The winner will then host the next challenge mini-sea/land/cityscape2

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