Opening EOTB-135

August 2nd, 2021
Many thanks to Frogger @tdaug80 for hosting the EOTB-134 challenge. I am also thankful to all participants and voters who keep this ever popular challenge alive. It is my turn to host EOTB-135 now.

EOTB-135 Challenge start : backdated to Tuesday July 27th
EOTB-135 Challenge end : Thursday August 26th, 2021 by midnight in your time zone.
Your photos must be taken during this time frame.

Tag : EOTB-135.

The EOTB Challenge is a wonderful opportunity to challenge yourself in giving recognition to something that seems just ordinary or plain. You will want to find a subject that if people were watching you taking the shot, they would be wondering what on earth has possessed you to photograph something which seems so ordinarily, plain, bland, boring or ugly. You will need to find a way to portray your subject so that it comes across differently and aesthetically pleasing. A suggestion is to zero in on whatever it is that attracted you, and perhaps use some judicious cropping so the viewer also sees what you see. The way you compose the shot or the way you use light will bring out the beauty of your subject. Remember it is not a post-processing or editing challenge so a bit of editing is okay, but please do not overdo it.

This is a great challenge to help with composition and lighting skills. It will also help you look at your surroundings differently. It is not a matter of finding something to photograph, but finding a way to photograph something that makes photographing it worthwhile.

The current entries can be seen here :

Consider posting your shots to this thread to inspire others.

Have fun everyone !

August 29th, 2021
Hello Etienne! Did you, by any chance, set up the voting thread for this challenge? I can't find it. If you didn'nt, could you please do so? And if you did, please just ignore this message, as I will see the winner announcement when it will be over. Thank you so much.
August 29th, 2021
@monikozi Hi Moni Kozi. I apologize for being late on that one, it will be done by tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder !
August 29th, 2021
@etienne No rush! Whenever you have the time.
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