New ETSOOI Challenge

September 13th, 2021
Thank you to @ethelperry for running the last competition. Also thanks to all who entered the challenge and joined in the voting.

What's it all about?
Katy @grammyn started the very first ETSOOI challenge after a friend on 365 used the phrase to describe a photo that didn't turn out as she hoped.

ETSOOI - 'Editing The Sorry-ness Out Of It' - or 'Edit The S#*t Out Of It! 🙃

This challenge is all about no boundaries in processing and editing your images - so just go for it and let your creativity go!

Just one rule! - Your starting image must be taken within the challenge time frames.

As well as Photoshop, Lightroom, Topaz and Affinity etc websites worth checking out include: (is also available as a free app on your phone)

or 'phone and iPad apps such as:
Snapseed, PicsArt, Pencil Sketch Free Camera360, Deep Art Effects,
Distressed FX+

Enter as many images as you like, but only one of your entries can be chosen as a finalist. The winner has the honor of hosting the next ETSOOI challenge.

Start Date - entries back dated to 6th September
End date – 5th October

Tag your entries ETSOOI-135

Check out the entries < >

Feel free to link your entries here as it gives you more exposure and keeps this thread really active.
and most importantly - HAVE LOADS OF FUN!-
September 13th, 2021
At the last challenge some people expressed an interest in seeing the original photo. So here is what I was working with. Practicing with a light box. Just could not get the shot right.

Here is the final image:
September 14th, 2021
@lstasel oh thanks for showing the start and finish, that really is one fantastic image result
is there a tutorial maybe on how you achieved this?
September 15th, 2021
@koalagardens Hopefully this will help show what I did.

I started with the bear.
Duplicated copy and used a twirl filter at +500. (#1)

Duplicated a second copy of the bear and used a twirl filter at -500. Blend mode "Darken". (#2) This makes all of the dark colors show through.

Select both layers and duplicate and merge to one layer. (#3)

Duplicate this layer and flip it vertical. Blend mode "Darken" (#4)

Select both those layers and duplicate and merge.

Duplicate the merged layer and rotate 90.

I then cropped to a square.

I know it looks really complicated but it's not, you just have to keep playing with it until you get the look you want. The biggest thing to remember is that blend modes can affect all layers below. That is why I duplicate and merge layers that have blend modes on them.

Hope this helps some.
September 15th, 2021
@lstasel oh wow thanks, that looks quite simple I love it!
September 19th, 2021
Another photo to give people inspiration for processing.

September 21st, 2021
Another old one from my album.
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