ETSOOI 143 Begins June 17th!

June 17th, 2022
Thanks to one and all for selecting my photo as the winner of ETSOOI-142. That was a special shot for me as it captured my grandchildrens’ sandals on the beach next to mine (yes, you can say “awwww” now). But the original seemed so bland in color to me I just had to play with it. And that’s the whole point of this challenge.

Mary Beth Dailey began ETSOOI (Editing the Shenanigans Out of It as she said, or Editing the Sorryness Out Of It as others called it) when a photo she took didn’t turn out as she planned. Compensating for what she perceived as a failure with an extraordinary amount of post-processing she came up with a more satisfactory outcome. She then turned her experience in to a challenge for the rest of the 365 community and now 142 challenges later, you, my friend, are invited to participate in the next round.

There are only two rules for this challenge: 1) Your starting image must be taken within the designated time frame, and 2) you must have taken the picture yourself. There are no boundaries on the way you edit your picture. So be creative! Go for the surreal, the brightly colored, stretched out and manipulated to the hilt result in your photo. Or try to achieve that beyond-perfect reality by tweaking and erasing all your picture’s imperfections. No matter which approach you take, edit, edit, and edit some more!

Need some help? There are plenty of options: Affinity, Photoshop, Lightroom, Topaz and more. You can also use free websites such as,, and for phone and tablet apps: Snapseed, PicsArt, Pencil Sketch Free Camera360, Deep Art Effects, Distressed FX+, Hyperspektiv, and ToonCamera.

You can enter as many images as you like, but only one can be chosen as a finalist. The winner receives the honor of hosting the next ETSOOI challenge. So best wishes to all and get to editing!

ETSOOI 143 runs from June 17, 2022 to July 17, 2022.
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It’s also fun to post your entries here- it gives your project more exposure and keeps this thread active. But more importantly, HAVE FUN! I’m looking forward to seeing your entries.

Ann LeFevre
June 17th, 2022

For your weekly shoot list.
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