On the go with the Minimalism challenge

September 14th, 2022
Thank you to Jackie @30pics4jackiesdiamond for hosting the previous "Crafting" Minimalism Challenge and to all who took part. I am flabbergasted that I have the honor of hosting the next round.

The theme I have chosen is "Travel." That can be interpreted widely -- travel by plane, bus, train, car, bike, hiking. Travel can mean vacation travel to a different continent or travel the familiar M-F route to work. I'm not looking for pictures of the scenery at the destination. The picture should portray some aspect of the traveling or means of travel. (A caveat -- we had a car/car detail minimal challenge last year -- so while I won't completely disqualify a picture of a beautiful car headlight, it would be much nicer to look beyond that particular subject.) The main qualification is that it must be minimalist -- the point of this challenge!

I'm copying and pasting below from previous hosts as I am fairly decently lazy and it would take me forever to research sources of info and inspiration and think of new and creative ways to say what has already been said so nicely.

Minimalism is the art of less is more. Minimalist photography uses the minimum amount of components such as colour, shape, line and texture to emphasise the subject matter and 'negative space' can play a big part in minimalist images.

For tips and inspiration, have a look at:




Previous themes of the minimalist challenge to date:
1 - Edge
2 - Curves
3 - Repetition
4 - Shadows
5 - Geometry
6 - Inside my house
7 - Light
8 - Paper
9 - High key/Low key
10 - Numbers
11 - Age
12 - Color
13 - Storytelling in Nature
14 - Architecture
15 - Texture
16 - Tools
17 - Black and white
18 - Flowers
19 - Bug’s Eye View
20 - Landscape
21 - Window
22 - Water
23 - Cars/Car Details
24 - Pairs
25 - Holiday
26 - Cutlery
27 - Coins
28 - High Key White
29 - Mug/cup
30 - Fruit
31 - Crafts

The Challenge will run from the 6th of September (backdated to end of previous challenge) through the 11th of October.

Only photographs taken between these dates can be eligible for the challenge.

Please tag your images: minimal-32

Entries can be viewed at: https://365project.org/tags/minimal-32

If you are able to post your pictures below, in addition to tagging for the challenge, it would be appreciated. That would refresh the thread and keep it from out of sight.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
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