Abstract 69 Begins

November 21st, 2022
Thank you to Nada@njmom3 for hosting the last round and to all those who participated. Special thanks to those who voted.

Now begins the next challenge round. “What actually is an abstract?”
There are two general ways to answer this. The first, and most accurate, comes from the word “abstract” itself. It’s when you pull (or abstract) a detail out of a common object and turn it into something totally unrecognisable. The idea behind this process is to bring out or evoke an emotion from the picture that is not based on a previous feeling or thought about that object.

For example, you have a picture of a cat, and everyone can see it’s a cat. But when you zero in on the cat’s whiskers, play around with the lines, and add some colour or effects, by the time you’re done playing with the picture, no one recognises it’s a cat. The lines may make someone feel secure, or agitated, or intrigued, but those feelings are not related to cats.

The second approach is to take the picture and manipulate in such a way that the object is barely identifiable by cropping, blurring, taking the picture from a unique pov, changing the colour to one which that object does not usually come in, and other forms of photo manipulation you wouldn’t commonly apply to that object.

In this format you may take the picture of the cat from underneath or overhead (if your cat cooperates!), highlighting the ears or nose. Then in post-processing you may crop the picture in for a close-up, blur the details and apply a watercolour effect. Some people may still recognise it’s a cat, but instead of reacting to the details, they may remember how some cats do like affection or that others are moody- no matter how much they recognise of the cat, the picture will still make them feel something even if it’s not about cats.

As mentioned in the last abstract challenge there are some tips that might help you capture or create an interesting abstract:

Shoot the ordinary.
Choose strong shapes.
Get up close.
Use colour to grab attention.
Seek out texture.
Look for repeating patterns.
Use lines and curves.
Photograph reflections.
Shoot through another object.
Capture motion.
Go macro.

Thank you to Chris Cook who recommended this link where you may find some inspiration: https://iso.500px.com/how-to-shoot-abstract-photography/

Start Date: November 14th 2022 (end of the last challenge)
End Date: December 15th 2022 (midnight GMT)
Tag: abstract-69
Entries can be viewed here: https://365project.org/tags/abstract-69

Any photos taken in that time frame are eligible. Enter as many photos as you wish, but only one image per photographer will be shortlisted.

Have fun!
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