Composite 53 challenge opens

March 6th, 2023
Let's start Composite #53!

A big thanks to 365-ers for the generous and much-appreciated votes which permit me to have the pleasure of hosting the next round of this popular challenge at 365.

A composite is a combination of images to make a cohesive scene, be it surreal, fantasy, realistic, or fun, to make a statement - anything you wish or any theme you feel like working on.

A couple of links:

General guide:

Examples of composite imagery:

There is no compulsory theme for the challenge this time around. You may submit as many entries as you wish, but only one photograph per photographer will be short-listed for the voting procedure, which will take place after the end date, which is March 30th 2023.

Previous 365 composite challenge entries are viewable here:

Two simple rules:

1/ The base image must be your own. If you use imagery from the internet or elsewhere to complete your composite, be aware of any copyright rules that exist, give credit where necessary, or mention where you downloaded the image from.

2/ Your final composite image needs to be prepared and uploaded between the challenge dates as laid out below:

Begin date: February 25th 2023 (when #52 ended)
End date: March 30th 2023 (Iā€™m going to be absent towards the end of the month so it might as well keep going until then)

Tag: Please tag your entries: composite-53

If you wish, you may add a link to your entry in this thread in the box below.

View #53 entries here:

Thanks for reading, enjoy the challenge!


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