On Your Marks, Get Set, GO with Your Best Sports Action Shots!

February 19th, 2024
A great big thankyou to @merrelyn for hosting sportsaction18, as well as to everyone who voted and to my worthy competitors! This was an unexpected victory for me, but I will take the W, of course! Thank you all so much.

Now, without further adieu, I introduce the next round: sportsaction19!

This is a pretty broad challenge-- the world of sports is a wide one, and any sporting activity is eligible. The only rule is that the main subject should be a human actively engaged in a sport of some kind. It does not have to be a competitive sport; recreational running, cycling, swimming, etc. all count, though simply walking the dog does not.

Subjects may be found in any number of places. You might spot some action on your local tennis courts or soccer field, in an arena or a granite club. If there's open water where you are, perhaps you'll see a swimmer, surfer, or kayaker. You could shoot a jogger or a cyclist almost anywhere! Sports action is all around us, so get out there with your cameras and show us people all over the world having fun while engaged in sports!

The last round of this challenge ended on 7 Februrary, so this round will start with photos taken and posted on the 8th. I will leave it open through 15 March. Your shots should be taken and posted between those dates. Enter as many photos as you like but, of course, only one shot per photographer can be selected as a finalist!

Start Date: 8 February 2024
End Date: 15 March 2024
Tag: sportsaction19

Entries for this round of the challenge can be viewed at:
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