February 22nd, 2024
The "Missing posts" post got me thinking and searching, are there "People" and "Abstract" challenges? I can't seem to find any.
February 22nd, 2024
Thank you for bringing these to my attention, Dave.
I researched each of them and have contacted the host of each challenge.
Let's give them a few days to get them up and running!
February 22nd, 2024
Speaking of challenges -
Is it time to bring the Tag challenge back?
Any others that members are missing?
February 22nd, 2024

I think the Eye of the Beholder one has been missing for a while now too.

I also think Non-Domestic Animals Outside and Street Art are on a bit of a hiatus, but I think those ones have just been missing for a little bit so maybe their most recent winners have just had some trouble starting up their rounds or something.
February 22nd, 2024
I will look into both of those tonight.
I love EOTB - it's one of my favourites.
And I will give the other two an easy nudge.
February 22nd, 2024
@farmreporter Wendy, I would second trying to get EOTB going again. I know Kali made an attempt to revive it but I don’t think it went far. Others that have fallen off include Macro and Technique.
It seems more common these days for folks to not pick up a challenge when they win, or forget to hold a vote when they’re hosting. People in general are more scattered now, I think.
February 23rd, 2024
Some challenges seem to go in "interest cycles" and some of the classics somewhat fell by the wayside when new challenges encroached on their "territory" so to speak. I think the Non-domestic animals was one of those- it was absorbed into another challenge (whose name I'm forgetting now because I'm not an animal photographer). Some challenges, like the technique challenge were struggling I think because people really perceived them as a challenge! Challenges like the Tag Challenge and EOTB weren't as demanding and they relied on your eye rather than learning something new. Yes, we can be lazy in that respect! There was also a time on here when there were so many challenges that I think folks just pulled back to avoid the overload. The Street Art challenge was another one that was combined- I think that was placed in the Street Challenge. Anyway- it doesn't hurt to revive them. Sometimes as they say- absence makes the heart grow fonder!
February 24th, 2024
@farmreporter i haven't been here for the last two years and have noticed the challenges list has grown even with some of them dropping out of the picture. I as many others have their favourites to participate in, challenges are a great way to learn and improve your photography.
I don't think too many is too many, to have a wide variety would cater to everyone's different interests.
Do numbers of entries really matter to any challenge for it to continue? I have seen them vary from month to month. Maybe if fewer numbers no vote or put all entries up for vote or even better the host pick's their favourite and that entry holder hosts the next challenge.
Just a suggestion, if there is a delay in a host doing a challenge or vote, someone participating or wanting to participate in that challenge should kindly tag them as a reminder or offer up their time to do it. I have been there, i have forgotten or got busy with life.
And hosts should try and link the challenges on to you for your list to help the great work you put into that
With saying that, Wendy, thank you for your weekly list, it is my go to.
Tag Challenge vote from me, I can start that and the etob up if you want

February 24th, 2024
@olivetreeann @wenbow
Thank you both for your input.
I am also of the opinion that we can never have too many challenges. And, like you, Ann - I say that it does not matter if there are 3 entries or 30 - the challenges do vary in participation.
Thank you, Wendy for offering to re-boot the challenges.
Why don't you kick start the Tag challenge and I will get the EOTB up and running again?
February 24th, 2024
Sounds like a plan i will do
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