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Thank you for visiting my albums and commenting on my photos. I will do my best to by visit and comment on yours in return! I truly appreciate the support and encouragement of the 365 community, along with the critique, guidance, and advice offered by its’ friends and followers.

I have been a member of this amazing community since September, 2012. I started my project as a photographic diary but this project has become an integral part of my life.

Hubby calls me a photo-aholic and a garden-aholic meaning that I am much easier to get along with if I have a camera in my hand or dirt under my fingernails!

We are located in beautiful Glengarry County, Eastern Ontario, Canada where I can often be found roaming the roads seeking new photo opportunities with my Nikon 7200. As a computer Luddite, I do not do a whole lot of post processing. I plan on making 2020 the year of the camera so I may actually change that. Keep tuned!

I am the host of the Weekly ‘So Happy It’s Thursday’ (SH*T) List, the handy-dandy go-to list to keep current on all things challenging. That I post early every Thursday morning (EST) unless there happens to be something going on in my life.

I am also the new face to fill the Thursday slot over at the Darkroom. A group of photographers, who use different types of kit, have different styles and skills. We upload weekly but on alternate weeks there is a theme and it's fun to see seven takes by seven photographers on a single subject.

Finally, I am an opinionated beef and sheep farmer, passionate gardener, and red neck farm reporter who firmly believes that a country that cannot feed itself is destined to lose its' sovereignty. Farming is life.

For my get pushed partners, these are the get pushed challenges I have completed. Please feel free to challenge me to one I may have already done. We can all improve and learn from mistakes we made in the past!

Photos that have made it to the Popular Page can be found here:

January, 2020