(Eye Of The Beholder) reminder it ends in one week

April 20th, 2024
EOTB reminder it ends in one week
(Eye Of The Beholder) Round EOTB-154
This challenge is about using your photographer's eye to find beauty in your subject that would not be a usual subject. The challenge is to portray your subject in an aesthetically pleasing way even though initially the subject may not appear that way.
The main aim of this challenge is that anyone watching you take your photograph should wonder why in the world anyone would photograph THAT!

A bit of post-processing is okay, but please go lightly with edits -- there are other challenges for processing - and it's your subject that needs to shine through!

There are only two rules which apply to this challenge:
1- the photo must be taken within the appointed time frame.
2- you must take the photo.

Start Date: Monday, April 1
End: Saturday, April 27th
Tag: EOTB-154

You may enter as often as you find subjects that you think are unique and have that unexpected beauty, but only one of your entries may make it to the shortlist if selected.
View entries for the challenge here:

Have fun we are looking forward to seeing through your photographer's eye!
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